Bafun Uni


Bafun uni (250grams) comes from Hokkaido, has a very rich and sweet taste.

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  • Bafun uni has a brilliant orange to bright red appearance which greatly appeals to many
  • Bafun uni has a very rich and sweet taste which is amazing by itself, wrapped in nori (seaweed) or consumed with rice
  • Bafun uni comes from a smaller breed of sea urchins which are compact, these sea urchins are harvested from much deeper oceans depths which gives the uni a bold taste that vividly shouts umami
  • Our bafun uni comes from Hokkaido or Russia depending on what’s best for the current season
  • Our bafun uni is always packed and checked in Hokkaido by well trained and experienced Uni specialists
  • Price is per box (250 grams)